Zabbix software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. The formal provisions of the GPL can be found under If you need to change the copyright owner for the code you contribute (for example. B if you start contributing code on behalf of a new company), please email [email protected] This will inform us of the situation so that we can ensure that a proper agreement is reached. La mia esperienza con zabbix è stata perfetta, quindi niente di cui lamentarsi se non l`assenza di un vero e proprio manuale completo per il deployment e la configurazione iniziale della versione 4 supportata e aggiornata a lungo termine. For more details, including answers to frequently asked questions about the GPL, see the Free Software Foundation`s general FAQ at Once your CLA is approved and you have a Zabbix account, you`re ready to contribute. Cooperation with Zabbix`s development team takes place via a ticketing system You can find the Zabbix code under and should be able to: Follow the steps in the contributor agreement.

While Zabbix`s availability and performance monitoring solution is released under an open source license, at Zabbix we understand that the key element of true enterprise software for an enterprise customer is the availability of professional and timely technical support. All our servers were in zabbix, as we have a lot of ecommerce sites, we have to monitor so as not to have a problem on the site and lose our sales, so zabbix helped us a lot to always be seeing it and quickly solve any problem that also shows us via alerts on telegram or on modern chats configured on our smartphones for paging functionality. Zabbix is a great tool for automation control. Einfache Administrationshilfe bei der Verwaltung von Berechtigungen und Rollen für Benutzer. Die benutzerdefinierte Protokollansichtsüberwachung kann entsprechend den Rollen und berechtigungen geändert werden, um die Vertraulichkeit der Daten zu wahren. Die Triggeranzeige kann angepasst werden.. .

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