There is no contradiction between Parliament`s intention to adopt the MMPA and the application of the fundamental principles of contract law to the transaction in this case. While Ms. Chochorowski wants relief from her failure to read the lease prior to performance, she is sticking to the terms of the contract she signed, although she has not read it. A signatory`s failure to read or understand a contract is not a defense against the treaty without fraud or lack of contractual capacity on the part of the signatory. Robinson v. Title Lenders, Inc., 364 S.W.3d 505, 509 n.4 (Mo bench 2012) (citing Sanger v. Yellow Cab Co., Inc., 486 p.W.2d 477, 481 (Mo bench 1972). See also Nunn v.C.C. Midwest, 151 S.W.3d 388, 402 (Mo.App.2004) (on the grounds that a party claiming to have signed a contract without reading or understanding it is nevertheless burdened by knowledge of its contents); Binkley v.

Palmer, 10 S.W.3d 166, 171 (Mo.App.1999) (the search for a party who claimed not to have read or understood the documents of a real estate agent is nevertheless burdened by the knowledge of the documents signed by the party). This court finds that Ms Chochorowski knew and accepted the terms of the agreement. Wallach v. Joseph, 420 p.W.2d 289, 294 (mo.1967); Cowbell, LLC v. Borc Bldg. &Leasing Corp., 328 S.W.3d 399, 406 (Mo.App.2010). In addition, The Home Depot is not required to deal with the consequences or liabilities of damages resulting from proper use or accident in paragraph 6, repair and repair. .

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