The commercial agent contract is submitted in writing and must be duly certified and certified. The agency contract must contain at least the following essential elements (Article 6): the management of a public limited company is entrusted to the board of directors composed of three to twelve members. Public limited companies are bound to all the acts of their directors acting within the framework of their registered powers within the framework of legal restrictions. Directors are liable to the company, shareholders and third parties for fraud, negligence or illegality of their acts, as well as failure to act as prudent persons in the relevant circumstances. There are two types of authorized public limited companies in Oman: H.E. Dr. “The agreement is a model of investment and development of partnerships between the public and private sectors,” said Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Futtaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications. • the public limited company (SAOG), a public limited company which has offered its shares to the public and is listed on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM); and there is no specific legislation in the sultanate on franchising. To the extent that the franchisee is subject to significant operational control of the franchisee and is not independent, the MoCI considers franchise agreements differently than commercial agency contracts. .

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