We focus on solving your challenges, simplifying communication for better results and helping our customers, #RouteitRight Telecom Italia Sparkle, the international carrier Telecom Italia Group, is a full-service provider that offers a full range of wholesale solutions ranging from language, bandwidth to advanced mobile services. Telecom Italia Sparkle aims to offer mobile operators a “one-stop-shop” solution using their know-how and state-of-the-art proprietary infrastructure. Telecom Italia Sparkle helps mobile operators improve their competitiveness through voice interworking, signalling, GRX and MMS services. Know-how transfer programmes and ad hoc advisory services complete the portfolio of mobile operators. Telecom Italia Sparkle are the references: number 1 in Europe in terms of language sales, in the top 5 worldwide in terms of voice traffic, Tier-1 IP and data service providers in Europe and Latin America and leading players in some non-European markets. Global Message Services AG operates under the international brand GMS. GMS is a telecommunications company specializing in SMS/MMS services, mobile marketing and ICT solutions for businesses. The company offers SMS coverage in more than 220 countries with direct connections with most CIS mobile operators, regardless of the technology used (CDMA, GSM, iDEN, TDMA, DAMPS, AMPS). GMS is present in Switzerland (train) and Ukraine (Kiev). BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as the world`s leading language provider and leader in mobile data services….

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