Puente said such a move would limit the CEO`s salary to about US$317,000 and cause SAWS to “skyrocket,” which would have prevented him from removing difficult water and sewer projects while maintaining a high credit rating. In April, SAWS reported operating revenues of $55.3 million, $7 million less budget, and said the pandemic “significantly affects” water use. Guerra chaired the last meeting of the Board of Directors, a meeting of officials wearing masks and practicing social exclusion. He said the management of the Ridgewood water supplier has fully checked. The 142-mile pipeline through central Texas began in April with the transportation of water to Densan Antonio homes and stores. In another action by the board of directors on Tuesday, the majority stake in the Vista Ridge project will be in the hands of an investment company rather than the construction company that built the $2.8 billion water pipeline. But the change will not affect SAWS, officials said. Policies and resources for developers – consultants to manage the process of providing water and/or sanitation services. Create a free account to request integrated infrastructure data online. Water ,-, sewer systems can be searched for project numbers or using polygon map tools. Select the data you want and an email with a download link to your files will be sent to your validated email account.

Nirenberg asked the distribution company`s lawyer to explain whether the protection of SAWS and taxpayers for the water purchase contract was maintained under the new ownership structure. Trustee Amy Hardberger, a water law expert who has been skeptical of the pipeline project since her appointment to the board in 2018, voted against the resolution. At least three SAWS vice presidents, who make a significant contribution to the distribution company`s abundant, clean water and efficient sewer management, are already above the cap sought by activists, Puente said. The increases followed years of EFFORTS by SAWS to reconcile puente compensation with that of other major water suppliers. This has not always been the case. Resources and information to help plan and implement water and sewer extension in new areas. Deficits in water and sanitation revenues do not mean that SAWS is likely to fall into the red. The distribution company has reduced expenses and has other sources of income, such as capital income. For the month of March to June, it reported a positive annual profit. “Depending on the headquarters of the organization and where we are today, it`s a step forward that there are no more bonuses,” Nirenberg said.

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