… With respect to the question of whether the complainants did not establish the sale agreement, the first court of appeal and the High Court provided the evidence… Order1. A Bhagat Singh, son of Sunder Singh, on 29-9-1981, has reached an agreement for the sale of 14 marlas farmland in favor of Onkar Singh, S/ o Bhagat… Singh. The agreement in question at the sale stipulated that the seller`s name, i.e. Bhagat Singh was mistakenly seized as Bhagat Singh, S/o Ram Singh and after correcting his name, he would sell… a photocopy of the sale agreement drawn up on the minutes, it is also relevant to note here that the mere issuance of the authorization to the respondent applicant, the consent of … to prove that the fabrication of secondary evidence will not exempt the plaintiff`s respondent from the obligation to prove the existence of the sale agreement of 25.2.2005 in order to prove its proper performance in compliance… M.M.S BEDI, J. (ORAL)The Empty Order of 26.4.2011, an action filed by the applicant to present secondary evidence as part of a sale agreement…

… to issue an appeal on the basis of such a sale agreement for a specified benefit. He then argued that defendant No. 1 had refused to sign the sale agreement and that the… Defendant No. 2 on the sale agreement should not have been rendered by the Court of Appeal.5. I made the judgments of the courts below and in… the special execution of a sale agreement of 29.3.1995 For 27 cannons of land ownership of defendant No. 2-Beschwerdef-hrer.4. Qualified advice for the complainant…… the case of the review petitioners who never executed a sales contract, and the contract for the sale of 9.6.2000 was created by the respondent/complaining party and wrote for this purpose… They filed an alleged sales contract I.A.No.210/2004 to prove that the sale contract of 9.6.2000 is a falsified and produced document.

7. The court rejected the prayer… The review petitioners should have created, not filed a complaint by the police, if it were a false contract, but the review petitioners did not give reasons to do so. … … Were returned and the appeal was dismissed. The first Court of Appeal found that the applicants had not demonstrated the oral purchase agreement. 3. The complainant… Against Pritam Kaur, who claimed that Dayal Kaur and Pritam Kaur had entered into an oral purchase agreement with them on 2.1.1990 on the sale of the property in court for a total sale of 50,000 billion….

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